The National Museum is a museum of natural history in England that exhibits a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history. Unknown to everyone except Andy, the Old Museum Clock in the entrance hall is really a time travel device.

Prehistoric Gallery

The Prehistoric Gallery (also known as the Dinosaur Gallery) is the setting of Andy's Dinosaur Adventures and Andy's Prehistoric Adventures. Every day/week a new display of extinct creatures, ranging from Dinosaurs to Ice Aged creatures, is set up using the display wall and/or the Holographic Display.

Other Displays


The Prehistoric Gallery

  • Bird Gallery
  • Diplodocus skeleton
  • Megatherium skeleton
  • Charles Darwin stature
  • Giant sequoias tree trunk


Prehistoric Gallery

Name Position Appearance
Andy Exhibitor (formerly)
Head Exhibitor
Dinosaur Adventures
Prehistoric Adventures
Hatty Head Exhibitor Dinosaur Adventures
Jen Andy's assistant Prehistoric Adventures


Name Position Appearance
Mrs Pickles Curator Prehistoric Adventures
The Janitor Janitorial Prehistoric Adventures


  • The interior of the Museum was filmed in the London Natural History Museum but the Prehistoric Gallery was a set designed to look the same as the NHM. The exterior of the museum was used The Victoria Rooms in Bristol.